Short history of ISB and PSB

In 1945 female students of the University of Münster were accommodated in the castle of “Toller Bomberg”, one of the most famous and extravagant barons of Westfalia. Later on Prof. K. Lorenz used the castle for his research on grey geese. 

In 1958 the school`s inspector E. Ballhaus installed a boarding school for boys and girls. 

In 1968 the grammar school got its state approved recognition. In 1971 an additional grammar school was founded. Both grammar schools developed excellently.

Because of the increasing number of teachers and students they renovated the castle and its remises. In 1973 a new building for sciences was erected.  In 1992 a further modern boarding school was built opposite the old school building. In 1996 all the school buildings were enlarged and modernized. 

Apart from these changes there were also changes concerning education and teaching. Two years after the introduction of a new school  reform in Northrhine Westfalia pupils have had the possibility of choosing any course they  wanted. The great number of teachers ensures that pupils can choose their favorite subjects and can even be taught in groups of one or two students. Additionally we offer foreign languages – English, French, Spanish, even Latin and Greek – on the advanced level.

The technical equipment of the institution is also excellent. 

The aim of our institution was and still is to enable even students,  who have failed at their former schools,  to gain new self-confidence and lead them to their optimal personal success. 

The continuity of values and ideas is guaranteed by teachers who enjoy their job and stay for quite a long time. 

The current headmaster as well as his predecessors were recruited from our staff and can look back at 30 years of practice.  

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