We support your child on her/his way to successful final exams. The key to successful results is intense and individual care. Small tutor groups, free choice of subjects as well as highly motivated and qualified teachers make possible an optimal education for your child.


EnglishEducational ScienceRE
LatinSocial SciencesArt
  • Small tutor groups /courses, usually 7-12 students, allow a good support and intense teaching
  • The best free choice of subjects at the advanced level , so your child can choose the subjects he/she is interested in


    • Qualified and motivated teachers. We can dispose of a lot more teachers than state schools. As the tutor groups and courses are much smaller, teachers can directly judge the students` success. In case of problems teachers can react immediately and they can take their time to repeat subject matters the students have problems with.  In addition we offer private lessons for each subject and kids with deficits in reading and spelling can take part in special courses.
    • (<link file:1626="\&quot;">Here) You can download a power point presentation about our school

Termine für das Schuljahr 2024/25

Die Terminliste für das neue Schuljahr 2024/25 finden Sie hier als Download.

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Termine für das Schuljahr 2023/24

Die Terminliste für das neue Schuljahr 2023/24 finden Sie hier als Download.