Dear families

Dear families,
In times of uncertain outcomes of the Corona Virus, we would like to transmit to you that our school is prepared to take action in the unlikely event that this became necessary, making sure your children will be safe and sound on campus. Up until now, the Ministry of Health has not determined to close down any public institution within this region, which could be interpreted as a positive sign. 
While your children are safe here, please consider that you might be running a great risk if you decided to make them travel during spring break, as they would coincide with a large amount of international people both on the plane and at the respective airports. Besides, in case the Corona Virus did keep spreading out, it would be difficult for your children to travel back to Germany in time after the holidays, in the case of which their academic progress might be placed in jeopardy. Please know that as always, our students are more than welcome to stay on campus during the holidays at no additional cost, and receiving the same services as always. 
Be assured that we will try our very best to keep your children safe. 
B. Kurlemann C. Dierk
International Student Coordinator Executive Director

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